The Future of Transportation Management – Top Trends for the Next Decade

This webinar video is a review of the JDA white paper: The Future of Transportation Management: Top Trends for the Next Decade.

Our presenters discuss how these trends relate to the Australian market and some of the strategies that will help transportation professionals overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Gain industry insight from Anthony Hawkins, CEO, FourPL and Fab Brasca, VP, Solution Strategy, JDA.
  • Understand the key challenges impacting transportation management globally and how they are affecting the Australian market.
  • Find out how industry is responding to address these challenges.

FourPL Novigo SAP Transportation Management Webinar Recording

SAP Transportation Management (TM) is a software solution designed to optimise transport operations. TM helps businesses to get full control of transport costs, gain real-time visibility across all transportation activities, accurately forecast demand to fine-tune transportation planning and integrate business and logistics throughout the organisation’s network.

In this webinar, the FourPL and Novigo teams provide an overview of the TM solution and are joined by NIBCO guest speaker Steve Miller who outlines the NIBCO TM implementation experience and the business benefits achieved.

Market Scan Chart July 2015

FourPL Market Scan of Australian Electronic Procurement Solutions

With the increasing focus on innovation and collaboration in the procurement function, strategic procurement systems are being considered more and more as the way forward for cost savings, efficiency and improved customer service. The challenge is deciding which procurement solution will suit your busines needs specifically. The FourPL team has prepared a market scan of strategic procurement systems currently in the market and mapped these solutions according to the range of services they offer in Australia.


FourPL Ariba Sourcing and Contract Management Webinar Recording
Are you concerned about getting the best value from your suppliers, ensuring efficiency within your procurement group, risk of corruption within the procurement process and whether your suppliers are adhering to the agreed contract terms and discounts?

In this webinar, our FourPL team of procurement system specialists outline why ARIBA is the world’s leading cloud procurement system and how your organisation can benefit from electronic sourcing.

The webinar demonstrates the key features of the ARIBA cloud solution including:
1. Ability to reduce procurement processing time and costs through automated purchase processes.
2. Automated supplier performance management, making sure your contract terms are adhered to.
3. Access to thousands of registered Australian suppliers and millions of registered suppliers globally, ready to bid for your business needs.
4. Full procurement process transparency to reduce corruption risk.